A brief history of the brand for English speakers

A brief history of the brand for English speakers 

For two years now, the brand has been developing a complete wardrobe of clothing and accessories mainly made in velvet with the desire to be an expert in this fabric.

We found it particularly luminous and crease-proof material, for us it is an ideal material for sewing timeless and Parisian pieces. 

With Eunoia [e’-noy-ah] it is possible to perfectly match hair accessories and clothes because the same colors are declined. 

The velvet is sourced in Montmartre in Paris.

All the making is done by an insertion workshop located in the South of Paris Suburb. 

A very special trust has been built over the months with the seamstress.

The last item released is the “velvet bag” made from a patchwork of unused falls. 

All our pieces are produced in limited edition.

The brand was created by Claire, a 26-year-old Parisian who wants to register for a new era of fashion. The ambition of the brand is to create original pieces, of quality and with an ethical manufacturing method.

Today 3 cities are key for Eunoia: Paris for the imagination, Pantin for the prototypes and Evry for the manufacture.

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